Ted Lang combines his knowledge of athletic training and his experience working in Major League Baseball to form a complete baseball training program. Athletes will learn a Major League warm-up and flexibility program, base stealing techniques, speed, acceleration, quick feet, lateral speed fielding drills, agility drills to increase range, proper running mechanics, take-off speed, rotational exercises to increase throwing and bat speed, rotator cuff strength program, proper baseball weight training and conditioning by position. The program will also work on position specific movements.

For info on the Baseball Training call or email Ted Lang.

For info on how your team can host a baseball training camp call or email Ted Lang.

Here are a few athletes that have worked with Ted Lang:

Craig Counsell – Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers
Curtis Leskanic – Boston Red Sox
Eric Young – Texas Rangers
The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club 2001-2002
Phil Falco – Atlanta Braves Major League Strength & Conditioning Director
Keith Wilson – Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Strength Director 2001-2007
David DeJesus – Oakland A’s

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