Personal Training

Ted Lang offers personal training programs for every sport, male & female, Professional, College and High School. This very popular and highly successful training is done within a group setting. In 1995, while coaching at a Division III University, Coach Lang developed the Synergistic Approach to Athletic Training. The synergistic approach focuses on training the total athlete instead of training bits and pieces at a time. Coach Lang understood that almost all sports require a total body effort, therefore, the training should involve the whole body. By adding mind training and visual imagery we now can train the complete athlete. After all, the phrase is true, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Personal Training Program is divided into 3 categories:

High School-Group Training

The Pro Football Combine Prep Program is from January – April
The Pro Football Player Program is from March – early July
The Major League Baseball Player Program is from Oct – January
The Pro Basketball Training is May – August

High School & College Program

The Winter Program starts in Mid November and goes thru the end of April
The Spring Program starts in April and finishes June 10
The Summer Program starts in June and finishes in August
The Fall Basketball Program is from August – November
**Athletes are free to join at anytime**

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