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The TEAM SPEED Football Program has been very successful. The program focuses on everything as it relates to the movement of the football player. From the 40 yd. dash, starting speed, acceleration, cutting, agility, foot speed, explosiveness, leverage, combine and college testing drills, position specific, and even conditioning we will cover it all. Ted Lang’s Football Program is being recommended by many colleges and coaches.

For info please call or email Ted Lang.

The TEAM SPEED 2010 High School Football Program had over 90 players from all over the state of Wisconsin. 13 players were named to the All-State Team, 27 were named to the All-Area Team, 41 were named All-Conference and 10 signed football scholarships. This is a program that is based on results.

TEAM SPEED also offers a Football Speed Camp for individual teams. For info on hosting one, call or email Ted Lang.

Here are a few Football Players that have worked with Ted Lang:

Donnell Woolford – Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, over 10 years in NFL
Antonio Freeman – Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles
Tyrone Williams – Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons
Ainsley Battles – Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars
Travis Jervey – Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons
Bill Schroeder – Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions
Fred Vinson – Green Bay Packers, 2nd rd. pick 2000
Antuan Edwards – Green Bay Packers 1st rd. pick 2000
Brock Williams – New England Patriots 3rd rd. pick 2001
Jon Dekker – Pittsburg Steelers
Eric Kelly – Minnesota Vikings 3rd rd. pick 2001
Anthony Denman – Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens
Anthony White – Oakland Raiders
Carey Scott – Minnesota Vikings
Craig Yeast – Cincinnati Bengals 4th rd. pick 1999
Derrick LeVake – Amsterdam NFL Europe
Jeremy Unertl – Green Bay Packers, NFL Europe
Jeff Kostrewa – Minnesota Vikings, NFL Europe
Jon Dekker – Pittsburg Steelers

CFL – Canadian Football League
Dylin Ching
Joey Boese
Craig Yeast

AFL – Arena Football League
Craig Kusick – Grand Rapids, Milwaukee
Jovan DeWitt – North Dakota
John Duginski – Norfolk Nighthawks
Joe Kelnick – Milwaukee
Marcell Glenn – Lincoln Lightning
Slade Douglas

Semi-Pro Football
Racine Raiders Football Club

College and High School
Due to the NCAA and state high school rules and regulations, we are unable to list the hundreds of athletes who have gone through the TEAM SPEED Program. We will not jeopardize athlete eligibility in any way. Ted Lang would like to thanks the many college and high school participants.

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