Ted Lang’s TEAM SPEED Soccer Training focuses on every aspect related to the movement of the game. First step explosiveness, quickness, lateral speed, agility, forward speed, backward speed, change directions, flexibility, running mechanics, acceleration and fitness. Ted Lang’s Soccer Training Programs have been used by many soccer clubs and individual teams. His vast knowledge of the European Training Techniques combined with the American Training Techniques makes his program one of the best.

For info on how your club or team can host a camp please call or email Ted Lang.

“Ted’s soccer training improved my overall quickness and top-end speed. The most important aspect that the training improved was the quickness in my first 5 steps. His techniques improved my forward speed, lateral speed as well as my ability to quickly change directions. I have even used his techniques in my coaching.”
Nate Fried – Milwaukee Wave Reserve Player, Croation Eagles, camp clinician for the Milwaukee Wave, former high school coach.

Team Speed Soccer has added Dave Hodgson as a Camp Instructor
Dave has over 40 years of experience in professional Soccer. He played professionally for the Milwaukee Wave and Milwaukee Rampage. He was recently inducted in the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame.

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