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Ted Lang and TEAM SPEED run camps all over the country all year round.

     The general Speed, Agility & Quickness Camps are for athletes in grades 5-12. Focus is on the basics of speed, agility & quickness with emphasis on running mechanics. Teaching the athletes the right way to train is most important in these camps. Athletes will be grouped by grade and most work done will be in station format. This way, we can add more intensity to the older groups at their station. Each camper receives a “Skills & Drills” Training Booklet so they can continue on their own. These camps are very popular.

The Youth Development Camps are for kids in grades 4-8. The YD Camps focus on the basics of athletic development. Running Mechanics, Balance, Coordination, Agility and Quickness. The main goal is to teach the athletes the right way to run and perform drills. The drills and techniques are all age specific and participants are grouped by grade. The YD Camps are very popular.

The high school speed, agility and quickness camps are for athletes of all sports in grades 9-12. A more intense camp that focuses on running mechanics, fast twitch development, agility, quickness, starts, acceleration and change directions. Age and strength appropriate drills are taught. Each participant will receive a “Skills & Drills” Training Booklet so they can continue on their own. The High School Camps are also very popular.

The College and Professional Camps are highly intense. The training focus is on the need of the individual athlete as it relates to their sport and position. There are many success stories from athletes whom attended a camp.

For info on how you can earn money by hosting a camp call or email Ted Lang.

Team Speed has also done sport specific camps. Camps for Football, Youth Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Hockey, All Girls Speed Camp, Volleyball, Track and Rugby have all been done by TEAM SPEED. For info on a sport specific camp, call or email Ted Lang.

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